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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Payback Time!

Anonymous Critic said...
"K, Bob. I'm a bit insulted. Your atrocious syntaxical tendancies chill my very soul. "[...] your not up on your Dutch history [...]"?! Apparently you're not up on your grammar!"

What am I to make of these continued attacks? I'm not one to play the anti-semite card but this campaign smacks of classic Jew-baiting. Albert Speers, one of the architects of the third reich, said ominously some 75 years ago: "First, one must attack a people's misuse of grammar and spelling. Once they have been thusly seperated from the general population at large, events will unfold accordingly." It looks like someone I know has been doing her history homework!


Dixxx said...

Dear Blob,
Tensions seem to be mounting on the blob, as of late, due to the varied grammatical stylings of various contributors. I thought it would be a good time to drop the Dixon Ticonderoga and deal with far more pressing issues such as:
1. Dueling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors.
2. More people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in plane crashes.
Let us step back from the brink of grammarian cleansing and embrace each other in cyberspacian fellowship.

Yours in Christ,

bandying beaver said...

I'm impressed to witness the expanding role dixxx is adopting as blob mediator thru the device known as distraction. THREE CHEERS TO DIXXX!!!!
one would never know what lies beneath upon meeting the clever lad ......

banal beaver said...

p.s I'm dying to know more bandicoot trivia.
Along the donkey death vein, there is similar trivia related to deer in north america. shy and pretty (so it seems) they await unsuspecting motorists at the roadside in their own version of russian roulette. At dusk they leap in front of a car while their mates cheer on in the darkened woods. An untrained motorist will swerve to avoid bambi thus meeting his maker and bambi lives on, while the clever man hits bambi head on , staying alive, and the unlucky bambi dies. Out in these parts we call em' the suicide bombers of the north. Bambi kills more people per year in north america than any other animal save the sweet little bumble bee.

(Real) Anonymous Critic said...

Hey, I'm all for moving on to more important subjects, now that I've made my point (and a fine point it was). And, btw, I did not make that last comment on grammar, supposably submitted under my pseudonym. Fess up, you Cowardly Critic, so Blob can put the mustache on the right face! I'm pretty sure I know who you are (since I witnessed your surreptious typing) so you might as well come clean.

I'm not sure about donkeys (how do they kill people??!, butt them to death?) but I have known someone personally who was almost killed by a moose. In that one, the moose lost the battle, but not by much. The car didn't fare any better either. What's the best way to avoid hitting large, suicidal mammals on the road at night, anyway?

(imitation) Anonymous Critic said...

Look, Bobo, ain't no anti-semitism 'round here. Heck, I'm half Jewish myself (seeing as my "better half" is Jewish). I'm simply a cruel and ruthless corrector. I'm an officer of the GSSP: Grammar, Spelling and Syntax Police. I know governments of Canada are always saying they'll get rid of the GSSP, and they get votes for that let me tell you, but they never do it. Jean Chretien, a pioneer of poor English grammar, said he'd get rid of it himself when he was first elected. He obviously saw the error of his ways, since he later claimed not to have made the promise.

Cowardly Critic said...

Look, Bobo, ain't no anti-semitism 'round here. Heck, I'm half-Jewish (seeing as my "better half" shares a faith with Our Lord Jesus Christ). I'm just a cruel and ruthless corrector. I'm an agent of the GSSP: Grammar, Spelling and Syntax Police. Of course you've heard of teh GSSP. Politicians have been promising to reduce - or even eliminate - the GSSP for aeons. Jean Chretien - himself a pioneer of poor English - promised to get rid of the wicked force of Nature before he first got elected. He must have realized the error of his ways since he later claimed never even to have made the promise.

Cowardly Critic said...

I assure you the first of my posts (under (imitation) anonymous critic) was not expected to be posted. Disregard it freely.