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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy World Refugee Day!!

It's June 20th once again and my how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that I was running around doing my last minute preparations for WR Day and here we are again! Already today I've taken a refugee out for lunch and I've just allowed 3 of them to set up a tent on the outer perimeter of my property. (Must remember to tell them to pull up stakes by 11 before the gardener gets here to do his mowing and watering.)

My guests arrived only days ago from Burundi with tales of woe and squalor but I could only laugh..."Squalor??... have a look at my kitchen floor. It hasn't been washed in 3 weeks and just try getting raspberry coulis stains out of terra cotta!!" They only speak a few words of English but the body language of those beset by insurmountable problems is international...we were on common ground. Nosholi the eldest told me that he used to be a health care worker before he was uprooted and his family massacred. "Health care worker" I thought, and my instincts proved me right...Nosholi gives a fabulous massage, even with the mangled left arm. I've gotta go now...I've got a big surprise that I rigged up for my guests' supper and it's one that's sure to make them feel at home. When I tug on a rope it will loosen a large crate that I've lodged high up in one of my ash trees. Sooner then you can say "come'n' get it" 35 pounds of finely ground millet meal will come hurtling out of the sky "foreign aid air drop" style. Just add water and dig right in!! Hope you're all having just as much fun.

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