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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Why Hillary Lost

A bold bit of time travel in the title of this post doesn't mean I want her to lose. I'd rather wake up tomorrow, dust the 15 to 25 centimeters of snow and ice off my morning paper, and read the contrary; that actual events had rendered my headline as accurate as the now infamous Dewey Defeats Truman miscalculation of some years ago.

My recent endorsement of Ms. Clinton was followed almost immediately by an impressive string of losses and setbacks. Remember a year or two ago when I predicted that the Nintendo Wii would quickly go the way of the 8 track??
So my parents were wrong...I'm not perfect, sue me!!

I may not be much of a prophet but I'm not about to backtrack and change horses in the middle of the stream (from the old gray mare to the black stallion) like many others have done. Hillary may yet claw her way out of this one and go on to become a fabulous president but there's a smell of desperation emanating from her camp. Their campaign ads have started fear mongering (it's 3 a.m., your child sleeps safely but in Washington a phone rings...who do you want answering the call??) and not so subtle attacks on Obama. His people in turn have floated the following gem on the interent and while it doesn't directly attack Hillary it plays into fears about voting for a woman and subtly refers to Bill Clinton's infidelity. It may all be over by tomorrow and women, yes women, are to blame.

Look what's at stake here: a seasoned, intelligent, political veteran with actual white house experience, a tough but fair approach to governance, and a pair of balls (metaphorically at least) as weighty and pendulous as any in Washington. If Obama wins he may very well occupy the post for a full 8 years and at the end of his tenure America will probably be ready for another Republican prez. Now is the one chance, the best chance for the next 15 or many more years to elect a woman president but many women can't bring themselves to vote for a highly qualified one of their own. What kind of self loathing are we dealing with here? Obama promises change but he is after all another male politician. Of course it would be amazing to see the U.S. elect an African American but the fact that he is Black should have little if anything to do with his leadership style. Women and men on the other hand are just plain different in many ways and real, monumental change could come from electing a chick president.

Today I urge my 3 to 7 American readers in the primary holding states to go with the dark Hillary!!!

Editor's note: This post was designed to pacify and appease those among you who prefer "think pieces" rather than smut. For the other 98% here's a brief documentary about Doris Wishman; (director of the clip above) exploitation film maker extraordinaire. Her career proved that a woman in a position of authority, even back in the 60's, could create films as awful and brilliant as any man. If only Hillary had such an opportunity.


slapper58 said...

Special thanks to Underworldprincess2008 for the sub-divine inspiration.

Party Bear said...

Hey Blobbie,

I never blame you for your smutty writings. They obviously are the better draw for the perverts that are your readers! I have noticed the political ones generally gather dust, while the more carnal posts are infested with comments like Klingons around Uranus!
Keep up the dirt, Blobbie, you know you want to.

BTW, I love Hilary!

Dixxx said...

Looks like she's still kicking, or maybe that's twitching.

dixxx said...


In the Amazing Transplant, did they remove the original member, or just stick the dead guy's unit on there as well? Now that would be some movie!


dixxx said...

Here's a fun fact for a snowy day:

The United States has never lost a war in which mules were used.

Perhaps Hillary or Obama should take this into consideration when they make it to the White House.


dixxx said...


Rats can't throw-up. True.

Mama C said...

Rats can't throw up? And the scientists keep telling us that our genetic material is 99% the same as theirs! What a load of barf!

slapper58 said...

belated thanks to Dixxx for the fun facts but Mama C it looks like you have your fun facts wrong. Our genetic material is 99% the same as our closest relative the chimpanzee. Both species can vomit but they eat theirs which explains the 1% difference.