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Monday, March 24, 2008


ED. NOTE: We are presently experiencing am emergency situation here at The Blob. His parents have stumbled upon this site and he's gone into hiding (the linen closet if you must know but don't tell him I told you!!)
The head office is in an uproar with staffers scurrying about in a panic, shredding incriminating documents, and turning to the very God who they've helped mock for the better part of two years now.
Apparently The Blob could be shut down for good at any moment and at the very least a change of tone and content to more mature, family friendly fare is imminent.
Stay tuned for updates as we will endeavour to keep all of our faithful readers abreast of the situation (we use the word abreast as intended, not as some juvenile, mammary related double entendre as may have been the case before Mom and Dad got involved).
This is a serious crisis and any input would be most appreciated. Until further notice please enjoy the following video clips and hey... they're G rated so invite the kids!!!
Pay special attention to the very end of clip #3.

Thanks again to all our faithful supporters. It's been a hell(sorry)...a heck of a ride!!


juvenile, mammary related double entendre said...

Fuck that shit. You gotsta stand up fo' yo'seff biatch! Dont let yo parental unads tell you what to do all the damn time! Shiat! Dont nobudy wanna hear some little bitch's rants about how afraid he is of his mummy and daddy. Fuck youuuuuuuuu Blaawwwb!! You are here to entertaaaaiin!! If James Brown tawt us anythin' it's that the bitches come first. So saddle up homie and quit whinin' blawb, cuz i tell ya right now, don't nobudy wanna see dat shit. Yeeaaah.

Anonymous said...


You can crash at my place if things are tense over there - my folks are in Florida for a week. [and I
can totally relate to what you're going through;
my dad found my stash of porn last year, and I was
grounded for three weeks! Sick!

Anyway, you can have the couch in the den. There's
a TV with cable, and my aunt [who's staying with me until my parents come home] hardly ever goes in that room. Sick!

Troy [Huber]

Stephen Harper said...

My Mom's like totally cool so if like you want you can stay at my place to its no big thing for you to do that. Theres this totally wicked sofa in the basement that you can totally crash on until your parents like chill.

Stephen Harper

Dixxx said...

I bet you could get a grant for this type of thing from the Canada Council. Just substitute the Red Army for the Mounties, but you would have to include horses.


dixxx said...

Thats some tasty monkey.

dixxx said...

This is better