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Monday, June 09, 2008

Worst Movie Ever!!

Move over "Sex and the City", step to the back of the bus "Love Actually". I've just discovered the worst movie ever made and this includes all of the films created by the legendary Ed Woods.

Imagine a big budget, desert themed flop like "Ishtar" only without the "A list" stars...not Beatty and Hoffman but a wannabe thespian hack and his euphonium (that's right, a euphonium!!).

A down on his luck musician gets stranded in Syria after the cruise ship he was playing on goes bankrupt. One mishap with some self-tanning cream and a few bizarre plot devices later and our hapless hero is leading a revolt against the British occupying forces. The woefully out of place comedic/homo-erotic interlude with a camel boy was supposedly insisted upon by the leading man himself and the catchphrase: "I say lad, will that be one hump or two??" gained some currency among the bath house set.

Now out on DVD, this is not only a movie to avoid, this is a movie to burn, urinate on, and bury.

(Ed. note: On further review it appears that "Sex in the City" is actually far worse than "Mike of Arabia". Our apologies for the earlier inaccuracy.)

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cecil b. demille said...

How could you, Blobbie??? Shame!!!!! I thought Mike of Arabia was grand!!!!! Such sweep!!!!! Such passion!!!! Such euphonium playing!!!! If only my "Ten Commandments" had had that kind of action and drama (Charleton Heston???? Phhhhhh!!! What a loser!!! Ask him to play even one Herbert L. Clark study!!!)!!!!!!!
I love Mike of Arabia!! I love Mike!!! The King of the Blue-Eyed-Sheiks (and I'm not even gay; at least, I don't think so!!)!!!!!!