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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's Official: The Blob Endorses Obama!!!

These are golden days for even the casual observer of all things political involving our neighbour to the South. I had endorsed Ms. Clinton at an earlier date because I felt that she was the bigger underdog (trust was a sound argument which I will not rehash here!). With Barack Obama winning the nomination last night it can finally be said that the better man has won and now it's on to the general election. The violently prejudiced sector of the American populace has been strangely silent thus far, perhaps waiting patiently to see whether their energies would need to be expended on sexism or racism and racism it will be....unless of course Hilary gets the nod as vice-presidential candidate in which case it'll be open season on everybody!!

What has pundits and bloggers alike scratching their heads is Hilary's far from magnanimous speech where she barely mentioned the impressive Obama's historical accomplishment (compare this to his effusive praise of her some minutes later in his Minnesota speech) and her somewhat divisive refusal to concede defeat and rally the party together after a long and testy struggle.

If there was any doubt about the equality of the sexes I'd say it's about time we put it to rest. Women can be just as stupid as men and that includes smart women doing inexplicably dumb things and dumb women overextending themselves by trying to be smart. This usually ends up in some sort of tragi-comedic disaster. Clinton's blunder is just the latest but here are a couple of clips to further illustrate my point:

The last one with Tyra Banks has an added laugh track (and somehow it works better with the laughs) but the real version, accompanied by silence, was deadly serious and infinitely more awful.

Like men, these women, more often than not, try to redeem their missteps but unlike men they now have their very own awards night courtesy of Oprah Winfrey. This years gala from L.A.'s Dorothy Chandler pavillion was a star-studded affair where all sorts of women were lauded, from untalented flash-in-the-pans to the talented but self-righteous.

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