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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yesterday "T".....Today "A" (happy now??!!??)

NOT SO FAST!!! Don't click the play button just yet!!

Much has been written on this site about the merits (or lack thereof) of television programming.
I'll be the first to plead guilty to charges of ethnocentrism on this subject having only thought of or dealt with TV in an anglo, North American pop cultural context.
What this clip makes unmistakeably clear though is that there's a whole wide, wonderful, world of incredibly bad TV out there just waiting to be discovered or ignored.
I don't know if this clip of the show Dinamitados was shot in Buenos Aires or Miami but it's clear that Latinos aren't burdened by the same lofty pretenses that we are here in El Norté. Executives up here try every imagineable way to use sex in their product without being too offensive. They'll hide it, contextualize it, allude to it but they never just go for it (albeit in an immature, leering, Benny Hill-like way) like our brothers to the south.
Believe it or not I think this clip is tasteless and horrible...TV created using the reptilian brain....cartoonish women treated as lovely pieces of meat...entertainment used to pacify the masses as corrupt governments get richer etc.
Something compels me though to go back for a 5th viewing just to make sure it's as awful as I initially thought.......yeah....I was right. MAN that's some bad TV!!

oh can press the play button now.


Maria Callous said...

Wow, that's so tasteful. Where can I buy the DVDs? I'm gonna go burn all my Jane Austen books right now!

slapper58 said...

Again I must reiterate that I find this show disgusting, grossly exploitive, and demoralizing. I haven't felt so bad for 3 nearly naked chicks since the OSM orchestra party during the South American tour back in '92.