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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another New Sponsor

Long a staple of Argentinian family dining, Himmler's has finally made it's way north. Famous for its quality food at low prices most Americans and Canadians are willing to let bygones be bargains and have flocked to the 1st US franchise, just outside of Detroit.

Of course the founder, SS man Heinrich Himmler, is the source of much controversy even long after his death, cryogenic storage, and several failed attempts at cloning. The restaurant's opening last January caused quite a furor (or should we say fĂĽhrer) but things have calmed down since then.

Himmler's famous stylized S-shaped "geschnitteneKartoffelnbrietenimĂ–l" or french fries (pictured below) have become an instant sensation as have many of the other Germano-American dishes. Next time you're in the Detroit/Windsor corridor stop by Himmler's....that's an order!!!

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Maria Callous said...

Another gem! Hail Blobbler!