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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And Then There's Mauderation

What was I thinking?? It was late, I'm overworked and stressed and things here at The Blob got a little out of hand yesterday with a picture that would have brought an embarrassed rosiness to the cheeks of even a seasoned gynecologist.

I realized today that I can't be trusted and would need to hire an arbiter of good taste (it's a given that none of my readership can be trusted in that capacity either). In that light it was obvious that my first call would go out to Bea Arthur. Long revered as the 5th lady of American TV comedy (with apologies to Linda Lavin) for her pioneering work in the feminist sitcom Maude and later in Golden Girls,
Ms. Arthur has been busy of late on the college lecture circuit where her discussions of ethics or the lack of same in American popular culture play to SRO audiences nationwide.

A bit of arm twisting, a free crate of Blob Gear and it was a done deal. From here on in Ms. Arthur will parse and vet all posts before they go to print and has an iron clad agreement that her editorial veto will go uncontested.

I did get one concession however and any post can be re-enstated to it's original form if 3 or more people write in with an official request.

Case in point is my photo-shopped image of the faux Jewish Porn film; Butt Mitzvah vol.12 which has garnered so much attention from the Arab world. Arthur was appalled but withdrew her veto when I told her about the post's popularity. As luck would have it the image has even showed up on a major Russian news site!! (Editor's note: Our knowledge of Cyrillic is not what it used to be...this could merely be neo-nazi propaganda)

And so, with a new sheriff in town, in the name of good taste and per Bea Arthur's recommendation, the vag pic has been downsized but the product depicted is still available from my catalogue. (she ordered two!!)


Party Bear said...


Thanks for the pic of one of my all-time faves, the great Bea Arthur. She's right up there with Jean Arthur, King Arthur, Arthur Treacher and Arthur-I-don't-even-know-her on my list of favourite Arthurs!

And thanks as well for taking it down a notch; sensitive, not to mention subtle should be your rela middle names!

BTW, Tell Bea she looks great in her Flapco!

Party Bear said...

I meant "real"... Why can't I get this typewriter to work properly?

Anonymous said...

Dear Blob,

Even while off covering the Montreal Symphony tour of Japan I felt the sharp sting of rejection from your friend party bear and his egregious omission of my name from his list.
If memory serves me I reviewed his Griffon Brass band show and referred to it is as...let's see now...oh yes, "the concert of the year!!"
What does a guy have to do to make it onto the Bear's favorite Arthur list??!!??
sincerely and with a troubling sense of inadequacy born of being left off of the favorite Arthur list,
Arthur Kaptainis
music critic
Montreal Gazette

Sleeping Bear said...

Дорогой Blob,
Вашим вывешивать была много тема обсуждения в мати России. Xорошая работа.

Boris Yeltsin

Party Bear said...

Dear Arthur,

Sorry about that! I don't know WHAT I was on, when I wrote that post. Perhaps I was "high on life". I'll never let that happen again; it's back to a regular diet of Hard Liquor and Beer!

slapper58 said...

Dear Boris,
I'm honored that a former president of the USSR is also a reader of my humble, little blog and you're right BTW....Butt Mitzvah vol.12 is not a real video and there is no actual Jewish porn. I wasn't making false promises, just engaging in a bit of satire....please forgive me if I led you to believe otherwise.
all the best,