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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2 Days ago: "T" Yesterday: "A" Today: "E"

I'll admit the T & A material was a tad vile but in the interest of satisfying my customers I'm obligated to add the last piece to that most unholy of trinities by devoting yet another post to the euphonium.

When I began The Blob 2 years ago I'd never have guessed that tits, ass, and euphonium would become the rallying cry of a generation (a rallying cry of degeneration maybe).

At any rate Dixxx wrote in recently to proudly trumpet his purchase of a smallish baritone which is exactly the same as a euphonium save for a couple of minor details. (note to angry, loser, low brass players everywhere: I'm right!!)

If I may digress for a second, isn't it funny how one can proudly trumpet something but not proudly euphonium anything?? But anyways....

He also made mention of midget wrestling and I didn't get the connection save for the obvious fact that even though you're instrument is small you can still make nice music and even though someone is small he can still have a heart as big as all outdoors even while he's being exploited and humiliated like some circus freak.

I'll eschew the facile penis size/euphonium size jokes (you can make up your own at this juncture) but will instead direct you to this clip. If you're like me then it will change your opinion of this peripheral instrument forever.
Forget the cello, forget the violin...the euphonium is clearly the closest thing to the human voice we've come up with, especially if that voice has been in close contact with a tub of yogourt.
Radiant and beautiful are words that I thought I'd never use to describe the sound of a euph but I'm a big enough man to admit I was dead wrong. Here, have a listen:
Coincidentally that's the exact same piece Dr. Evil and Mini Me are seen rehearsing in the ad.
In closing here's little something for Dixxx. If this isn't quite your cup of tea blame him...I gotta go practice.


Maria Callous said...

What's gayer than a tenor and baritone singing an opera duet? Two baritones playing a duet! Hahahahah!!!

Ya ya I know the difference.

And furthermore, who the fuck goes to see midget wrestling. Watching it on youtube is one thing, but omg, get a girlfriend, go have a picnic, go play with yourself, anything. Sheesh. Why am I not surprised that this is Dixxx's favourite sport? Weirdo.

Party Bear said...

i just had to weigh in here, because after the post it says: 1 commentS.
Now I can relax.

BTW Maria rocks.