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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This is the Autumn of my Missed Content

There's some well deserved griping and grumbling in The Blob's comment section and I'll be the 1st to admit that I haven't kept up my end of the bargain, which is that I must provide regular, entertaining posts and you have to do dick all!!

Unfortunately I've had to work and I've also been dealing with a well documented addiction to an on-line word game. Throw in the economic meltdown, global terrorism and warming and you've got a recipe for disaster for a well meaning blogger who's a skilled procrastinator (more about this later).

Now the holiday season is upon us and I'm taking off for Quebec City for 5 computer free days.

Hmmm...looks like David Jerome has another book out just in time for Chrismukkah and an unlikely book it is since it's fictional spokesman is as goyish as they come.
The premise is novel and promising: Turd Stuffington's son, Turd Jr. is now 13 and he is only just learning of such unfamiliar things as sex and Jews. One afternoon Turd Sr. sits his son down for a talk and we're all privy to his words of wisdom. Rather than me explaining the rest, here's a brief snippet:

"What's a Jew??" Why son...I thought you'd never ask.
I guess you could say that a Jew is the same as you or me except they don't believe that Jesus was our Lord and Saviour. That means they can't get into heaven and certain country clubs. The thing that really makes Jewish boys different than you though, besides the dangly bit of skin at the end of your penis, is the Bar Mitzvah; an ancient ceremony where a Jewish boy, at the age of 13, becomes a Jewish man!
As Christians we do this in a very different way and it has a lot to do with what the legal drinking age is where you happen to live.

And so it goes as our favourite astronaut/talmudic scholar (who knew??) delves into the arcane world of Judaism, with it's numerology, dietary laws, lavish post-bar mitzvah spreads, and impressive sweet tables.
You should only live long enough to read and enjoy this book.

Dreidl Boy is coming!


Maria Callous said...

Does anyone find it interesting that Blobby will porst these ads for these [retarses] books when we know very well that he mhiself wont read any of them???l I mean, thats a little sys[otestct dont you think'/? Oops, I means t suspescts. I would never out an as ad out for madd cuz, why the fuck would i ? makey no snesey, as my dad would say! you are akll ashamed of youselfs ! good riddance! wow, i got that one right! booyaaaaaaaahhh!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, Maria, ever try spell-check? It works even when you've had a few! Hahaha

Viv said...

Blob, I just want to mention that I loved the title of your post. Very witty!!

troy huber said...

I don't understand any of you people.