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Monday, December 22, 2008

Bush de Noel

Christmas wishes do come true and especially so here at The Blob. Only days ago a young girl implored me to return to the source material that had captured the imagination of those like-minded spirits the world over. A while back I'd somehow lucked upon the winning combination of low brass instruments and naked women, generically referred to here as "tits, ass, and euphonium". This, for me, was like finding the mother lode....a rich vein of golden material that magically never seems to get old.
I'll be the first to admit that I've gotten caught up in the geo-political events of the day and have strayed from the very content that attracted most of my readers in the first place. This is all too evident in my recent Blob posts.
As we sit today, perched eagerly on the holiday doorstep, how appropriate then that a young girl's plea for more T, A, and E has made me think once again about the value of tradition. It binds all cultures and religions and is the very stuff that holidays are made of. The Blob has it's holiday traditions too and with that in mind here's that perennial seasonal favorite ; a jaunty march from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker played by the greatest orchestra ever!!!
It's out of tune, the string section is synthesized, yet somehow these pert Japanese girls make it work. Even as we enjoy this 3 hanky performance we should keep in mind that Tchaikovsky would be turning in his grave; not because it's out of tune or even that the string section is synthesized but mostly because the orchestra is made up entirely of pert Japanese girls.
I've heard tell that this very same ensemble does a wicked version of the Dreidel Song.
If you need me I'll be googling.

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