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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's here again...the Festival of Lights, the celebration of spiritual renewal made tangible by the rededication of an ancient temple by a hardy band of warriors and the miracle of the sacred oil that burned for 8 days when lo, there wast nary enough for one.
Crank up those menorahs (the candle thingies), fry up some latkes (traditional dish made of equal parts oil, potato, and salt) and bring out the dreidels (spinning 4 sided tops) for a rousing game or's Channukah time again!!! It was the finest story of all until the darn Christians came along like an obnoxious guest at a not too bad party and one-upped us with the so called "greatest story ever told!!" (so they have a better marketing department...big schmeal)
Let's first take a look back in the archives...and you thought dreidels were just for kids!!

This year the excitement ante gets ratcheted up a peg with news that Nintendo and it's wildly popular Wii console have added a virtual dimension to the traditional game of chance. All the action that we've come to love is still there only now we twist the controller and operate a joystick/thumb lever to spin the small toy. The suspense builds to a fever pitch and the boys in The Blob test lab were up all night waiting to see who'd come out ahead as the top came to a halt...gimmel, shinn, beth, noon...which Hebrew letter would it be and who would collect the wagered passel of cyber-walnuts??!!?? Allergic to walnuts?? Change the option setting to almonds or raisins. It's as easy as tweaking a couple of knobs!!
Buy the premium addition and build and kiln fire your own dreidel on-line. Clay so life-like you'd swear it was the real thing..."I almost plotzed" said Lou Haberman of Haberman Toys Inc.


Ted "Quick to Boil" Hennesy said...


Is that Dick Cheney with a yarmulke on, playing

T "QtB" H

slapper58 said...

Dear Ted,
No!!! Of course that's not Dick Cheney. He wouldn't be caught dead wearing a yarmulke.

Re: U.S. politics in my posts: That lady with the plateful of latkes?? Janet Reno...guilty as charged!

Tarik ibn Sallaam Qaddi said...

These raisins of which you speak.......they are "white raisins"? Their are 72 of them? Inshallah, this might be very interesting game!
Reluctantly I thanks you, infidel dog! Allah Akbar!

slapper58 said...

Tarik!! How great to hear from one of my Arab brethren (did you know that IBN or it's variant ABN is among my favorite names??).
Anyways, one of the great things about the modern world is that the raisins on the Wii Dreidl game can be customized, using the "options" setting and there are a full 25 varieties from which to choose !!
You should check it out.

Bertram Wooster said...

Ah, the good old Blob! I say; it's been far too long! How goes the battle, eh, Blobbie? Still the dashing boulevardier, are we, old man? Cutting a swath, as it were, chappie? Just so! Just so! Heh, heh, yes; quite so, quite so!

Jeeves doesn't approve, of course, but I do like to "look in" on the jolly "goings on" on your delightful blog, once or twice a fortnight.......ripping good fun, I must say! Quite!

But Blob; comrade to comrade..........are you quite sure about your facts regarding "The Fighting Maccabees"? As you no doubt know, I'm a mere butterfly; flitting and sipping........ flitting and sipping......therefore, I have a mere two credits to my name in The Grand Scheme of Things; a rather in-depth article published in "Milady's Boudoir", entitled "What the Young Gentleman is Wearing", and, more to the point, a prize for Scripture Knowledge garnered at my prep. school..........

I'm fairly certain that the Festival of Lights was all about the Two Loaves and the Fishes feeding the Five Thousand, surely? Mind you; I've been wrong before......if you can pry Jeeves nose out of his Spinoza for half a tick, ask him about my banjolele playing.........(!!)..... but still and might want to check your facts, old man........

BTW, Pongo Twistleton and Oliver Sipperly want to know when you'll make another visit to The Drones..........they still talk about your merry jape with the fake we all laughed (!!), eh, Blobbie? wishes, old chump! Bertie

Maria Callous said...