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Friday, July 04, 2008

Helping Kids Cope

This is another post in The Blob Scholastic Outreach series that has been so popular with adults and kids alike.

Children today have great difficulty (perhaps moreso than at any time in history) negotiating the treacherous minefield that is their parent's lives. Not only are divorce rates skyhigh but alternative sexual lifestyles are becoming almost normalized, at least here in the West.

A sensitive child may be well aware, on some level, that there are problems in the home but only has remedial understanding of what are often complex issues. More certain still is the fact that that he/she doesn't yet possess the coping strategies and that's where the Scholastic Outreach series hopes to be of help. We've already dealt with bedwetting and homosexuality so let's move on.

Just yesterday, as you'll see in this link, a "man" now named Thomas Beatie gave birth to a cute little baby girl. He'd been a woman who had a sex change operation and kept the womb but.....just watch the video:

Transgenderism is today accepted as a fact of life, just another stop along the continuum that is human sexuality, but how to explain this to our children. Prolific author David Jerome (you may know him from the Turd Stuffington adventure books) has penned an insightful, gentle, an truthful recounting of one family's journey from mom, dad, and child to sort of mom, dad, and child after Theresa (the mom in question) had gender re-assignment surgery to become a male.

It's compelling reading and treats a difficult subject with a sensitivity that will be most beneficial for those of all ages.
Whether you're dealing with the transgender issue or not this is a fascinating story and will make a worthwhile addition to your home library.


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slapper58 said...

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As usual your writing is acerbic, witty and concise...a veritable pleasure to read and yet there's something that doesn't ring true about your assertion.
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slapper58 said...

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slapper58 said...

You scare me more and more each day but somehow you make the creepiness work for you.
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slapper58 said...

Rev. Robertson,
So nice of you to write in and what a pleasure it is to see that you are of somewhat sound mind but more importantly, quite sound body!! Praise the Lord and pass that Keri lotion!!!

pat robertson redux said...

And what about that delicious Troy Huber? What's his story??? PR

Frankly Callous said...

"The Bitch is Back" you say? This is Elton John when he was straight. On the Muppet Show. You can't see it, but this pink unitard leaves little or nothing to the imagination. And believe me, there's plenty to chew on.

Maria Callous said...

Little known fact about Troy, he is the president of Keri industries. We would still be together to this day, but that he was married to his job.

slapper58 said...

Frankly that link to the Elton pic didn't work.
Here's the YouTube footage of Miss Piggy and Elton John(in the pink unitard)singing "Don't Go breakin' My Heart". M. Piggy clearly is providing most of the sausage.