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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Au Revoir et a Bientot

It's off to Quebec City where crepes are plentiful and Blobbing will be almost impossible. Sorry but hey... gotta pay the rent. There's always The Blob archives to patch over these empty spots so see you in a week or so. Amusez vous bien!!


Maria Callous said...
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Maria Callous said...

This may be the cosmo talking (isn't it always (ha ha!)) but I think I speak for all of us when I say, Blib get the hell back here!! Somehow I doubt the promiseland needs you as much as the homeland does. I have a reading week this week and you better believe I'm gonna wanna be doing some serious reading! Not of course about politics, poetry (unless limericks are involved), sports or the like, but about the important things in life: Tits, ass and the TROMBONE!! So as Fox Mulder would say, "Woman, get back in here and make me a sandwich!" And I ain't messin' around. Mmhmm.

a Dutch uncle said...

Dear departed Blobbie! Could Maya Angelou or David Jerome have put it any more succinctly or pithily than our own Lovely and Talented Maria Callous? No, of course not (see, we can agree on something!)!!! Give The People what they want, Blob!! Here it is in a nutshell, in no particular order, in case you missed it: 1. Tits. 2. Ass. 3. Trombone (and every now and then, a little euphonium to really titillate and inflame the masses!) .You've been warned, Blobber!!! Straighten up and fly right!!!! No more screwin' around!!!!!!!!!