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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Making the Cu t

Eaton Beaver said...
Dear Blob,

Thank God you're back! I have been trying to talk my girlfriend into getting a Brazillian wax, but she is hesitant and thinks it will hurt way too much. Normally I wouldn't care, but she's Greek you see, and needs some serious bushwackin' if you catch my drift. What can I say or do to convince her?

Yes Eaton, looks like I'm back in the nick of time, heaven forbid you should choke on a pube!!
There's no getting around it; a Brazilian wax job hurts, especially for those women who happen to be members of the more hirsute ethnicities. Take a look at the following video and give pause for a moment's thanks as you watch this parade of intrepid gals taking one for the team.
That being said I do appreciate your concern and have been working overtime to help find an answer. My researchers (a crack team if ever there was one) have come back with what promises to be a virtually painless solution and have found me a new sponsor in the process!!

Intimate grooming has long been a concern for many women and here at Groomsman Inc. we've been catering to your depilation and lawn care needs since 1955. 25 years ago a revolution in miniaturization allowed us to shrink down our basic technology and bring our fine products literally "from the back yard to the front door!"
Now thousands of husbands and non-militant lesbians swear by our products as do multitudes of women who still nurse the scars of Brazilian waxings gone wrong.
You'll turn this:

Into this:

in no time!!!


slapper58 said...

Mikexxster...I know she's cute but it's a Blob policy: I do not give out the models' phone numbers so don't even think about asking!!!

Eaton Beaver said...

Thank you so much!

While I'm at it, what is the current trend in mens neck tie width? Narrow or wide? I find it hard to keep up with the ever changing fashion modes.


Maria Callous said...

Blobby i just haver to say bravopoooooo!!!!!!!! You are the best blb writinger this si
de of the mtl... m... t... ll....!!!!! Everything you write tonight made me laugh out fucking loud. Or.. quitreyly asctually vux the parentals were asleeep. I was lost without you blobber but now im am fooouunnnd!! ............ oh btw im ive fallen of the wagon again. ...... good to be back babyyyy!!!
loves and hrist erica

slapper58 said...

Welcome back Maria,
Your kind words are music to my ears as is the unique and mentally stimulating challenge of deciphering your heartfelt, drunken rants.
BTW this is a note to all my readers trying to figure out what she meant;
"VUX" means "cuz" and if you look at your keyboard you'll notice that wasted Maria skews slightly to the right. This is actually useful to know. If you ever see her driving towards you simply dive to your own right and all will be well.