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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Making of "What Was I Waiting For??"

TROY HUBER writes:

Wouldn't mind knowing the steps that went into that bizarre photoshopping job on your ten commandments illustration

The process or processes involved in tranforming the photo at left into the one on the right are what we in the blogging community refer to
as "trade secrets".

My mandate is to answer any and all questions so despite an almost certain reprimand from the Union I'll come clean.

The effect in question while apparently easy to achieve is actually quite labour intensive.
Here then in note form is how I went about creating yesterday's image:

  • After sitting for a 2 hour Motion Capture session where dozens of retroreflective markers were glued to my face, a negative 3D casting of my head was made in plaster of Paris.

  • After realizing we forgot to remove the markers before the mold was made we started over.

  • After realizing there was no need for the extensive motion capture procedure we went for lunch. (I had the tuna wrap)

  • With the mold now dry a latex "positive" was made and left to harden.

  • Once removed and cleaned it was wrapped in a thin fiberglass and resin mesh and shipped off to Madame Tussaud's in London where it was rendered in wax and shipped over to George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic in California.

  • Here the beard was formed by painstakingly removing the hair and some skin from a live Mandrill's face and ass (3 weeks from retirement and a fat IATSE pension, R.I.P. Jimmy Mahoney)

  • The removed materials were then shipped off to Sri lanka where rotating shifts of nimble fingered children completed the Moses beard which was then Fedexed back to I L and M for final touch up before affixing it to the waxen head.
  • Assembly was done in stages by seperate teams to preserve secrecy and the finished product was emailed to my Mother for final approval.

Believe it or not: Charleton Heston's left hand in the original photo is in the exact position to play the famous chord at the beginning of The Beatle's "Hard Days Night". That's right...the very chord given to George Harrison, in a vision, by God himself!!


Mikexxxster said...

Hey, Blobbie!

Thanks for the kind words in the previous posts comment section...... as they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity. One small quibble, however; I would prefer to be described as a "bitter and rage-filled" misanthrope..... in the interests of strict accuracy, don't you know!

BTW, I read a headline in yesterdays newspaper that described a mental health groups efforts to have bitterness designated as an illness....(!!)..... it sort of makes you want to treat me with a certain amount of compassion, doesn't it (oh, how I suffer!!!!!!)? Maybe buying me breakfast sometime soon would help ease my oh so painful symptoms.

Yours in Christ, Mikexxxster

Tobias Funke said...

High Ho, Blob, you're back! Well done!!!

As a highly trained psychiatrist, I've always been fascinated by how one instinctively reacts upon hearing or seeing a name for the very first time. Believe me, Blobby, one can see very deeply indeed into one's own psyche by analysing why one likes or dislikes a particular name!! I assure you though; this is not a game for the faint of heart!!! Still and all; "Know Thyself", as the Ancients so wisely put it!!

However, I won't be doing that just now, as I'll shortly be making sweet, sweet love to my gorgeous wife! Ha ha! Why, I may be at it for hours!! How I love her; yes sir!!!

Just one quick thought, though, before I leave for my delightful tryst with the girl of my dreams..... this Eaton Beaver...... have you EVER run across a more repulsive, ickey name, Blob??? I know I haven't, AND I HOPE I NEVER WILL!!!

Anyhoooo....... if you'll excuse me, Blob, ol' buddy, I have a wife to pleasure! Just try and stop me!!! Ha ha! Your manly, masculine pal, Tobie

Cooter Burger said...

Hello Blob! First time writer, long time reader........ love your Blob...... what's wrong with this Tobiass character? The lady doth protest too much, methinks....... is he a "jolly roger", or, as they say in England, a "poofter", if you take my meaning? Love the blob, BTW. Later.

slapper58 said...

Dear Cooter,
(great name btw!!)
Tobias is all man. Let me state this right off the bat. A tad fastidious yes, particular and discerning when it comes to women, definitely, but all man nevertheless.
He's even said so himself, over and over again, in plain English and as far as I know, Toby is not one to beat around the bush.
Anyways Cooter, a little more trust a little less alcohol, as they say, eh?
Tobias has invited me round to his place for a spirited bout of Greco/Roman wrestling. A great workout and reams of fun!!
I'm not one to shrink from a challenge but rather rise to meet it. En guarde Funke!! Your ass is're goin' down!!!!!!!