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Friday, May 29, 2009

What Was I Waiting For??

More than 2 months and no new post. "What's up with that?" you may well ask and the more strident among you may even chime in with "Where the f**k have you been, assface??!!??"

Let's just say that with my personal life in upheaval I let The Blob take a back seat and have been waiting for a sign...a way back in. A way to resume the blog which for more than two years has been a source of mirth for 10's of people world wide!!

Today, in a conversation with a virtual stranger we discussed, by pure chance, the Jewish holiday called Shavuot or to us non-Hebrew speakers the more familar Shavuous (pronounced sha-voo-iss)

Having spent many years at Hebrew school I've heard about this holiday but wasn't paying attention when they told us what it was about (every year for 7 years).

My only reall connection with the holiday was in the idiomatic expression of impatience "What are you waiting for...Shavuous???" (always to be said with a slightly annoyed whine)

Well today just so happens to be Shavuous, the celebration of God giving Moses the 10 commandments on Mount Sinai.

Just as Moses left his flock for a time to go off by himself to do some soul searching so have I.

Just as Moses was given the 10 commandments I too recieved a visitation and a special message in the form of a bearded postman with a coupon for Quizno's. That's right Quizno's with it's great sandwiches and "fixins" bar where you can customize your meal with the now famous "10 condiments"(really sorry about that).

So yes.....I was waiting for a sign and yes, I guess all this time I have indeed been waiting for Shavuous.

It's great to be back. Tell your friends: It's Blob time once again!!


Eaton Beaver said...

Dear Blob,

Thank God you're back! I have been trying to talk my girlfriend into getting a Brazillian wax, but she is hesitant and thinks it will hurt way too much. Normally I wouldn't care, but she's Greek you see, and needs some serious bushwackin' if you catch my drift. What can I say or do to convince her?

Eaton Beaver

troy Huber said...

Welcome back, asswipe.

Too little too late, I say. In the meantime, I've
been going to my friend Victor's blog, the Vlog.
I invite all your readers to come with.

[wouldn't mind knowing the steps that went into
that bizarre photoshopping job on your ten
commandments illustration before I go though]

Troy H

suzee said...

r u SHAVUOT..............ING........LOL

David said...

For some reason I actually believe Suzee is LOLing instead what people usually do, a sort of lame half-chuckle.

David said...

Welcome back Blobber. Perhaps this will help you with the singles scene. There's nothing more attractive than a sarcastic loner with too much time on his hands!

David said...

Sorry about that last post- my finger slipped...

slapper58 said...

OMG seem to have picked up the bitter, misanthropic torch from Mikexxster and are now running with it (trundling or lumbering is perhaps more apt).
I can't believe that I am now pining for Mikexxster's comparitively kinder and more gentle commentary.
Re finger slip induced typo; you wrote "sarcastic loner" you meant to write "sarcastic loser" right??

slapper58 said...

So you've switched to the Vlog...I could give a horse's nut!! (and I have one here in a jar of lye....looking right at it in fact....long story).
So Victor is writing a blog now, big deal, can he do THIS??!!??
(performs back flip directly into triple lutz)

David said...

I mean to write "sarcastic Lutz"