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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 7 Good Qualities - #2: Reliability

Gerbil Day: A Lesson in Reliability

Every March 2nd Augusto Munoz, a lonely single man from Onansville, Tennesee, emerges from his apartment with his pet gerbil Pépé carefully tucked into the cleft of his buttocks. At the annual ceremony he squats down in front of the assembled local dignitaries to reveal a sizeable plumber's crack and then the waiting begins. Within minutes the tiny and inquisitive rodent emerges...if the weather is temperate enough it will run away and winter will be short lived. If it is too cold he'll return to his cozy hollow and winter will overstay its welcome.
Spring will eventually follow, as welcome and reliable as Augusto and his gerbil. Seasonal traditions, no matter how vile, and especially those based on folk wisdom, help to humanize us all. Let's remember Augusto and little Pépé as we try to be reliable...the 2nd of the "7 good qualities".


Dr. Phil said...

The gerbil looks so happy! Could we all be happy in a similar situation? We should be, for the Lord commands us to, but can we really be so?

Off to buy some electrical tape...

UnderworldPrincess2009 said...

Gerbils in the anus! That's a classic! Sounds like Meph has been sneaking up to the surface again. Gotta love that raunchy bastard!

Underworld Princess

Sally J. Raphael said...

Gerbil's don't have facial expressions; so how could
he look happy? You're projecting.

slapper58 said...

Touché Sally J. !!!
I've always had my sneaking suspicions about Dr. Fill. I don't know why they ever took you off the air. Maybe it was that episode where you got dressed up like a hooker and worked the streets, (had another nightmare about that just last week) or the one where you interviewed 6 women, stripper types, with ginormous boobs and then a couple of them took a bubble bath together in a kiddy pool.