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Friday, September 26, 2008

It's The Stupid Economy

In 1992 then Clinton advisor James Carville coined the mantra "It's the economy, stupid!" and it was that focus that helped lead to a democratic victory. Now 8 years of the Bush regime is leaving behind such a monumental mess that no catchphrase can hope to narrow the issues down to a singularity.

I have to hand it to both McCain and Obama though...wanting to preside over this is either a sign of great patriotism and leadership or deluded, masochistic, madness.

As always I like to look for the silver lining. It now appears that I, a musician with grade 10 math and no backround in economics could have done just a good a job at running the major US financial institutions as the now disgraced CEOs and their henchmen and from the looks of things I have more than what it takes to be vice president of the world's most powerful nation. Those are couple of pretty nifty feathers in my cap if I say so myself!!

Most of us are dazed by the continuing stream of bad financial news. I wouldn't know a derivative from a T Bill (but I could learn if the money was right!!) so here are a couple of educational clips: (click on "Listen now" for the story...warning: not funny but with moments of brilliance)

More troubling still is Sarah Palin and her visit to New York. It was a whirlwind trip with a visit to the UN (including a reporter free meet 'n' greet with several world leaders and a 40 minute interview with Katie Couric on CBS news).

Only a week earlier she sat down at ABC and blanked on the meaning of the term "The Bush Doctrine". I believe that the definition is "government by the doggedly dumb" or a stupocracy and if anything, the Couric stint proves that Palin lives by this philosophy in a way that neo-cons could have hardly dreamed of back when she was just a minor governor/former small town mayor/beauty queen/high school mean girl.
Check out the interview here: (warning: this is extremely painful and may cause gagging)

Remember that this woman, if elected, will be only a wayward blood clot or a piece of bad chicken (very bad chicken) away from being president. A bold but shortsighted gamble by McCain has for Palin to drop out, ostensibly to devote more time to her family.
If they do win watch for tens of thousands of Americans to stream north of the border to escape the stupidity. I for one will welcome these "daft dodgers" with open arms.


Party Bear said...


Delightful, insightful post. You got my vote!

Mama C said...

That Sarah Palin, she's quite a find, isn't she? So well-spoken, so quick on the uptake. Boy, oh boy, I can't get over it... Too bad I can't vote in the U S of A. What a country.

Maria Callous said...

Hey Blobby, breakfast tomorrow with many beautiful ladies and Mike. :)

Maria Callous said...

I can't believe it took me drinking 3 pints of my dad's homemade beer to tell you this but, WILL YOU UPDATE THE DAMN BLOB?? I feel like I have to pee my own pants just to keep myself interested in my own life anymore! So instead of resorting to toilet humour, I thought I would beg you for a new post. Let me know how you feel about what I've said. I'll be waiting by the computer. With a beer. Or two. Goddamnitall!!

Broskin said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh fuck off.

slapper58 said...

Firslt, here's a reasonable approximation of the English version of the previous comment:
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I believe the "Ball" in question is actually The Blob.

I have not forsaken anyone but work, namely a solo glockenspiel part in a major work orchestra, got in the way of my posting regularly. Until such time as you (Russian or otherwise) see fit to pay me for the entertainment I occasionally provide that's just the way it is and is gonna be!

Anonymous said...


I am particularly bored and lonely and will pay you
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Asad said...

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Anonymous said...

Asad -

Your whole premise is wrong.

And there is no pizza in Brazil.


Troy Huber

Farley Mowat said...

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TorontoMave said...


I leave for 2 weeks vacation in Hawaii where I'm almost devoured by sharks and rendered comatose through saturation of Mai Tais and other such foreign concoctions sporting colourful, inviting looking umbrellas and chunks of pineapples throughout the day and not only do I come back to newsreels being saturated with some stupid, vapid, backwater, idiotic chick from Alaska strutting across the stage during the VP debate like some hillbilly yelling "DO YOU MIND IF I CALL YOU JOE?' looking SO much like Tina Fey on SNL that I can't tell them apart and thus being UTTERLY confused while watching thinking "what has Katie Couric done to her hair? only to realize that this wasn't a joke, Palin HAD ACTUALLY SAID ALL THOUSE THINGS !!! in addition to being COMPLETELY distracted with the world stock markets imploding, NOT TO MENTION THE WEIRD STUFF GOING ON AT THE BLOB with some stand in for our venerable host named .....(I can't even remember her name I was so confused.....Nan Perkins, Pan Nerkins, Tan Nutkins, Nut Pinkins...... ??!?? ..... and her stupid husband and brat son........ and I'm thinking....I can never go away on vacation again because OBVIOUSLY the world can't cope without me being here to keep tabs on it all and keep everyone grounded.....thank god I was able to come back from those 2 weeks in a more relaxed state so that I could be more coherent for my Blob post tonight....

I'm with you Maria.................where is Blobele and why isn't he updating this site ?????? And why are people posting entries that aren't even in English? And where is the words of that famous pop song......."Baby come back........".....Lord, what is the world coming to????

Thankfully, there is one point of stability in this otherwise Seinfeldiesh topsy turvy "bizarro world" ...............the Canuks trouncing the Leafs with a 6 to 1 lead tonight........I can only hope that Blobele is holed up in front of the television, cheering on every goal they score and that's what's keeping him away from his computer. these times of extreme economic turmoil, political upheaval and just general malaise, don't abandon us..........Baby, come back !!!!!!