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Friday, May 30, 2008

Daily Double

PARTYBEAR Writes (In reaction to the attention paid to the bountiful Julie Couillard):

Please get on the most important story of the last two weeks: my new crush, Larissa Kelly's seven-day streak on Jeopardy.


Television, or"TV", as the great unwashed mass of mouth-breathers calls it, is not worth a tinker's cuss compared to even one pair of Magnificent Mams!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????Unless this Larissa Kelly of yours has some sweet, sweet Sweater Puppies goin' on, you are one sick, sick Party Bear!!!

Now, now, gentlemen. We can all get along. Larissa, who's impressive streak just ended, is the real deal!! I want to keep all Blobophiles happy and with that in mind spent quite a while researching this topic and combing the internet for just the right photo of the brainy miss Kelly.

You can put down your sabres and pick up your tankards for once again there is joy in Blobville:


mikester said...

Well done, Blobeleh! You've squared the circle! I forgive Party Bear his foolishness (that's just the kind of guy I am!!!)!!! Surely your very remote ancestor King Solomon would have approved (can you imagine what he could have accomplished if he had had Photoshop?? That Temple of his could have seemed twice as large!!!!! That would have put those damned Jesubites, Amonites and Arabites and various other philistines in their place!!)!! As we Biblical scholars know, he loved a beautiful rack as much as the rest of us (what's not to love?!?!?!)!!! "Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies"*(!!!). Lucky lilies!!! Yeah, baby, yeah!!!!!!!!! Hot stuff!!! To paraphrase an erudite friend, "TITS ARE OK!!!!!!!
*Song of Solomon (4:5)

slapper58 said...

Thanks Mikexxxster,
I suppose you haven't heard about the latest archaeological find just outside of Hebron in a desert cavern: a single scroll in an earthenware vessel that some scholars say may be edited material from the very Song of Solomon itself!!
Solomon was wise yes, but he did tend to run on a bit.(sound familiar???) His editor did help to tighten up the final product by cutting lines such as:

...and the cheeks of thy buttocks like two tussling hams, cavorting in thy gait, alluring yet forbidden to my people.

thy nipples are like the ebonite, dark and hardened, that crowns the tip of my walking staff.

bendest thee over, like a reed coaxed by the stiff breeze of Midian to bow eastward and rest thyself down upon me, as the ibis dips low to bathe its ivory plummage.

Forget Danielle Steele....The Bible is now #1 on my "hot summer reads" list!!!