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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Up and Running

The good news is that my internet connection is off the fritz (I really shouldn't have to explain that) so as soon as I have a few moments to spare I'll kickstart The Blob and we'll have at it once again. While I wait for the creative sap to start running again you can amuse yourselves by checking out this website. It's a fairly clever, racist, 21st century take on the yuppie bashing phenomena of the Reagan era and it appears to be fairly popular to boot. Thousands of people log on to this site every day but I'm in no way jealous.
I prefer to toil anonymously and for my small coterie of friends and the legions of Syrians, Saudis, and Iranians who come looking for Jewish porn and stay for the laughs. Oh's the site:
I know I should post something of substance but I just got back from playing hockey, put the finishing touches on a Mother's day carrot cake (there's surely an icing joke in there somewhere but I can't be bothered) and now will let Conan O'Brien lull me to sleep....perchance to think of something to write here one of these days.


Maria Callous said...

BOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIINNNGGGGG! Why don't you fucking writing anything. I know tht i drank alote and crao but i think its about high time that youn fucking write something thats gona mek me laugh. A few times ago you wrote a fucking lot of awesome article and shit and i was commenting au but about them. Now all there is is crap. And i know that you didnt have inernet and your busy but im fucking busy and i still check the lob like onwce or tewice a day. So eat it!!!! that
s right btch!!!!!

also do you wanna come over some time. Imakre really good nachos. Aks m ike. They're awesome. Like sotyally good. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

Phyllis. You have to help me make my dad's birthday dinner on next sungsay cuz my mom will be in concert as will my dad. Bob can help too. It;ll nba a party. Just don't fuck in my kitchen. if you can help it. ewwww. I love you guys :D


Anonymous said...

[in a stage whisper]

Bob -

I've lost my BlackBerry and I'm all loused up,

Remind me of the date you had planned for Maria's intervention.

Best to your Mom,

Troy Huber

Mama said...

Yikes, it being Mother's Day I feel I should send out a general apology for setting such a poor example to young Maria. Perhaps it was the brandy in her bottle (for teething!!) that set her on the wrong path. Wait a minute, Father's Day is just around the corner, let's wait until then for the general apology.

But in spite of last night being in the state implied by the above epistle, Maria was able to get up and make pancakes for me this a.m.!! And she didn't barf on them hardly at all!! Maria, you're the best!!

P.S. I'll need an update on the time and venue for the intervention as well, Blob!

Mama Callous said...

BTW, Blob, I'm holding you and your cable company responsible for driving my sweet, vulnerable Maria to drink. Obviously if you had had something inspirational for her to read and respond to, she would have been distracted for long enough for me to sneak the bottle from her. Think about it!

Party Bear said...

Re: Maria's post.
What is with you people? I was bursting with pride as I read the above epistle! Eat it, you proper, up-tight, stuffed-shirt Miss Manners Wannabes!

Party Bear said...

And crao is one of my favourite words!
Suck on that, hosers!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blob,

If you could be any rapper in the world, which one would you be, and why?

Harold Dicks
Lewiston, NY

slapper58 said...

Phyllis and I would love to help prepare your Dad's birthday party and I was all set to broach the subject with her when I saw that you chose to invoke the "No fucking in the kitchen" clause.
Maybe that was just the booze talking but really...what do you expect us to do while you're making nachos or pie or
Anyways we should discuss this over breakfast. Join your dad and me and whomever else is interested as we ruminate and masticate tuesday morning.

slapper58 said...

troy....the intervention is on the 18th of may. She thinks it's party for her dad. Things could get ugly so bring one of your restraints. A good one, not one of the soiled ones!!.

(you'd think I wouldn't have to remind him of such a thing but no.....)