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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Does Today's Pop Music Really Suck? (a lot)

As a "tail ender" of the baby boom generation I'm well aware that many of my chronological confreres have certain conceits about the quality of the pop music they grew up with versus the overmarketed tripe that is available today.

Are we merely looking back through a gauzy lens of nostalgia that shades everything with a glow of quality and meaning? Is there even a way to make a comparison that has any validity?

Will Lady Gaga, Green Day, Jay-Z, Fergie and the like, stand the test of time the way Herman's Hermits or Tommy James and the Chandelles did?

Frankly, I'm way too tired to bother even thinking about writing about this. You, my faithful readers, may however want to think or pray on this and get back to me, a discussion will ensue and we'll settle this once and for all.

Until then we can look forward to a blockbuster remake of a famous musical, (hip-hopped and techno-ed up, melody and lyrics simplified) recast with some of today's hottest talent. My inside sources tell me to expect a Christmas release and check it out...I got my hands on the friggin' poster!!!!

I do and do for you people.....


Anonymous said...

But who are they gonna use instead of Nazis? Mexicans?

slapper58 said...

Sources tell me they've opted for alien cyborgs but the young love interest will still be called Rolf.
He gets to sing; I am 17 earth years going on 18 earth years"!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, the tune would have to be in 5/4 then, to preserve the proper scan.

slapper58 said...

No it wouldn't have to be in 5/4!!
Straight 8th notes with a quarter note on the 4th beat creates a very nice "robot" feel, especially if sung in a heartless, quasi-monotone. Try it...if you don't laugh you have the heart of a ruthless alien cyborg.