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Friday, October 23, 2009

Post #501 - A Blob Fall Testimonial

It's Autumn and we're rounding the corner and heading for the big post #1000! High time then, that I signed on another new sponsor to provide the life blood of all blogs (and all things of any importance); advertising dollars.
On this occasion I was so smitten by the product that I decided to do the shilling myself! Give a listen:

You know how it is guys, big back yard with lots of trees meets a few cold October days and before you know it you have so much leaf ground cover that even the thought of raking makes you want to shoot youself in the head. For the last few years now I've found the only solution is to tackle the problem with power and lots of it. The BLOWMASTER v.7 is the most powerful and versatile leaf blower on the market and I highly recommend it for any of your blowing jobs. As you can see from the picture , I have an overabundance of fallen leaves so the extra power is appreciated. The entire unit straps on so I can have both hands free to operate the long, carbonite grade, black PVC nozzle. I was so satisfied with the BLOWMASTER v.7 that I won't be going back to the v.6 any time soon...I'm sold on the black, PVC strap on model. The Rolls Royce of leaf blowers!

Check out this "point of view" shot. Here I had it on "Turbo" and would you look how it cleans the lawn right down to the top soil!!

Now, you're probably all saying to yourselves "What the hell does he know about blowing leaves!!" so I've gone right ahead and asked BLOWMASTER spokeswoman and adult entertainer, Jenna Jameson, to talk some sense into you all. Take it away Jenna!

" A special Jenna hello to all Blobophiles, many of whom are no doubt familiar with my body of work! Trust me guys and girls, The Blobster knows what he's saw what his lawn looked like at the top of the page. Now check out how it looked after he finished blowing it (with the BLOWMASTER v.7). A truly professional job!!"

Thanks Jenna!

And in closing, here's a cheery little number about all the dying leaves complete with lyrics and visuals Who knew this song actually had words!!


David said...

Congrats on post number 501, blobbie! Quite a milestone! Also kudos on the sexual innuendo... subtlety, thy name is blob!

Long live the Blob, and its hirsute creator, the mighty Slapper!

David said...

I meant "Ursine" creator. We all just want to hug him...

Maria Callous said...

Bob, I hate to be a pendant, but I'n pretty sure that you promised a long while back to include more cock shots in your posts. But here we are back again and nothing but tits tits and more tits. Don't get me wrong, tits are awesome. Why, I have one of the best pairs around, and lifting, securing, decorating and flaunting them are some of my favourite activities. But, come on--birds gotta swim, fish gotta fly... or whatever.


David said...

My proud....

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Viv said...

Is it possible that those "Anonymous" postings (and "Anonymous" used to be good for a few laughs, but not any more, apparently!) were actually written by a computer? I mean, they don't actually make sense in English and they have that stilted "I don't quite understand the words I'm putting together but they're all in the same vocabulary unit, so it must be right" way that one can imagine a computer using. Modern times.