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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Blob Olympic Update - Way To Go Togo!!

As many Blob readers are already aware I possess dual citizenship and stand astride two great nations. One leg is metaphorically in the United States, the other firmly planted in rich Canadian soil, the genitalia sway gently, directly above the border.
It is therefore understandable that today I'm of two minds about recent events at the Beijing Olympiad.
While I swell with pride at the exploits of Michael Phelps et al I conversely shrink with woe at the plight of the Canadian team.
Heres a quick look at the medal count to date:
Togo???? Are you kidding me!!??!! A tiny sliver of a country ridden with poverty and disease, average male life expectancy; 56, population less than 6 million, principal exports:millet and typhus, and yet their countryman's bronze medal performance in the kayak event gave me more olympic-style shivers than anything that Canada has come up with to date.
What are we doing with all those sports targeted tax dollars I ask you. We'd be better served diverting some of that cash to the arts, classical music in particular and me in extra special particular!! I think most Canadians would be proud of me (and so does my Mom).

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dixxx said...

Dear Blob,

You do realize that we have won 8 medals at present don't you? I know you are neck deep in cow-pies, but that is little excuse for tardy posting. In the words of Pete Sullivan:

"Chop chop! On n'est pas le PGA ici!"