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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ahhhh...That's Better

The Americans got it right for a change and throngs of jubilant people worldwide are relieved and optimistic that this time the 500 pound gorilla in the room is going to shape up, brush his teeth, and stop taking dumps where ever he feels like.

US citizens, almost despite themselves, have re-opened to the world with a bold and in a sense, subversive gesture. They've voted in a brilliant man who is also black and by doing so have signalled a progressive spirit that augurs well for the rest of us.

Today the half of me that's American is filled with pride and feeling a dizzying and giddy sense of optimism. The half of me that's Canadian could really use a coffee as he sits here typing and nursing some nagging hockey injuries.

In the long run this may not make too much of a difference as far as the economy and foreign relations go but there is one thing that the Obama victory forever changes.

Last night at 11p.m. when Barack Obama was heralded as the president elect, 2 centuries of white guilt were flushed out to sea never to return and oh what a glorious feeling it is!!!!

All across the continent, in exclusive country clubs and at private soirées, white revelers partied into the wee hours of the morning, unburdened by the painful shackles of guilt. Sumner Carrington of Lexington, KY. summed up the overall sentiment: "We couldn't be happier and more relieved. Now, of course, I had nothing to do with the race problems of the great-grandfather may have been involved in the slave trade but that's just something we Carringtons have had to live with. Now we're at last in fact and it truly is a cause for celebration!! Let's just hope the Blacks (that's what they want to be called I right??) can just live and let live, leave us be, and stop asking for handouts. It's a terrific time to be an American!!"
And so it is now up to Obama the consensus builder to bridge the divides in office as he did during his campaign. People of all ages, all 5 genders, and all colours voted in large numbers for him and his renewed vision of America. Indeed 67% of Hispanics sided with the Democrats, as did a whopping 96% percent of African-Americans (I'd love to know who those other 4 guys were who went with McCain!!).
In closing and in that spirit here is a small tribute to diversity
followed by a celebratory dance
that features a trombone heavy soundtrack, and a gorgeous, barely clad 18 year old, blonde.....HEY....where'd everybody go???

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Mama C said...

Hey, I'm finally caught up on the Blob! I watched ALL the videos (well, I couldn't face the last half of that Michele Bachman video. Who can blame me?) so no more snide comments about your "lazy" readers. I think you've made up for all those long months (they seemed like months) of disturbing quiet at the Blob. Thanks, man!
Hey, I assumed James Carville was a staunch Republican with a face like that. I guess that goes to show that I'm as wont to judge at face value (pun intended) as the next Walmart Woman. Mea Culpa.